Nonwoven Bag Fabric

Polyester spunbond for filtration

Where To Buy polyester spunbond for filtration In Guangdong?

The PET spunbond nonwoven fabric produced by Dongguan Liansheng can be used to make filter fabrics! Polyester (PET) spunbond filament nonwoven fabric is a type of non woven fabric, which is made of 100% polyester chips. It is made of countless continuous polyester filaments through spunbonded hot rolling, with a filtration accuracy of up to G3/G4 level and high temperature resistance. We have a comprehensive service system that is attentive before sales, attentive during sales, and reassuring after sales! The company can provide samples. If you have any other requirements, please feel free to come to the company or consult us on the Liansheng official website.