Nonwoven Bag Fabric

PP spunbond for furniture

Where To Buy The Best PP Spunbond For Furniture In China?

In recent years, mattresses and furniture have become more efficient with the introduction of coil technology. Liansheng spunbond provides non-woven fabrics, especially bagged spring mattress fabrics, which can be aligned with spring coils by making pockets with our non-woven fabrics. Our spunbond nonwoven fabric is also used as a pad for mattresses and furniture to prevent dust from entering the internal systems of mattresses and furniture. Liansheng spun bond has launched a series of innovative furniture eco-friendly non-woven fabrics with customized functions, which can be used for perfect mattress covers, pillowcases, mattress protectors, pocket spring covers, mattress pads, and quilt pad fabrics, with high tensile strength and durability for many years. These mattress covers can prevent the growth of harmful dust mites, fungi, and bacteria, and provide protection for healthy living throughout the product's entire lifestyle. If you need any kind of spunbond nonwoven fabric products in bulk orders for a very cheap price rate, we have everything that you will ever need.