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Dongguan LianSheng Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020.  It is a non-woven fabric manufacturer integrating product design, R&D and production.  The products covering non-woven fabric rolls and deep processing of non-woven fabric products, with an annual output of 8,000 tons above.  The product performance is excellent and diversified, and it is suitable for many fields such as furniture, agriculture, industry, medical and sanitary materials, home furnishing, packaging and disposable products.

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Spunbonded nonwoven fabric refers to the fabric formed without spinning and weaving. The non woven fabric industry origin...

How to maintain the softness of non-woven fabric products?

Maintaining the softness of non-woven fabric products is crucial for their lifespan and comfort. The softness of non-woven fabric products directly affects the user experience, whether it is bedding, clothing, or furniture. In the process of using and cleaning non-woven fabric products, we need t...

The difference between medical masks and surgical masks

I believe we are all familiar with masks. We can see that medical staff wear masks most of the time, but I don’t know if you have noticed that in regular large hospitals, medical staff in different departments use different types of masks, roughly divided into surgical masks and ordinary me...