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17 gsm non woven fabric

17 grams of non-woven fabric is a type of non-woven fabric that is relatively smooth, with good breathability and low air resistance.Dongguan Liansheng is a professional enterprise specializing in the production and operation of PP spunbond non-woven fabrics, melt blown non-woven fabrics and other series of products. According to customer requirements, it can produce various specifications and colors of non-woven fabrics, with products ranging from 9 grams to 260 grams and a maximum width of 320 centimeters.

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Product specifications:

17g non-woven fabric material: PP

17g non-woven fabric width: customized according to customer requirements

Weight of 17 grams of non-woven fabric: 17 grams per square meter

17g non-woven fabric color: white or customized

Features of 17 gram non-woven fabric: lightweight, good breathability, etc.

Usage of 17g non-woven fabric: masks, special packaging materials, filters, home textiles, clothing linings, medical and health fabrics, storage packaging, etc.

Dongguan Liansheng Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in spunbond non-woven fabrics, melt blown fabrics, and can also provide customers with various composite services. The company has many years of experience, high comprehensive cost-effectiveness, and professionalism.

How many square meters is one kilogram of non-woven fabric?

Considering the different raw materials, specifications, and processing techniques used in the production of non-woven fabrics, the usage per square meter of non-woven fabrics usually varies. However, one kilogram of non-woven fabrics sold in the market is approximately 13 to 14 square meters.

1 kilogram=1000g, and then divided by the weight in grams per square meter, it is the square number. However, this is a theoretical value, and there may be some discrepancies in practice because there may be some errors in the weight in grams.

How many square meters is one kilogram of non-woven fabric? The conversion between kilograms and square meters of non-woven fabric is actually the most basic knowledge for a professional non-woven bag practitioner. In fact, with a slight understanding of the unit of non-woven fabric weight, the conversion between kilograms and square meters is extremely simple.
Non-woven fabric

The parameter for measuring the thickness and thinness of non-woven fabrics is the number of grams, also known as the weight per gram. Its unit is g/square meter. For example, for a 17g non-woven fabric, it refers to a weight of 17g per square meter. So, how many square meters does a 1000g non-woven fabric have? That is 1000g/75g/square meter=58.82 square meters. To sum up, weight is divided by weight in grams. The prerequisite is to convert the unit to g first, and the answer is directly obtained by dividing it.

According to the different types and thicknesses of non-woven fabrics, one kilogram of raw materials can usually be processed into 10 to 16 square meters of non-woven fabric products. Generally speaking, thicker non-woven fabrics require sufficient materials and are more reliable in quality. Customers who need to purchase non-woven fabrics suggest that consumers consult local non-woven fabric production enterprises for specific actual prices, and then choose non-woven fabric products with guaranteed quality based on their own needs and budget!

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