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Anti-Slip spunbond pp nonwoven fabric

Anti-Slip spunbond pp nonwoven fabric is the top of  PP nonwoven fabric, through the printing method coated with a layer of tire printing shape of plastic material, the production of shoe covers to keep it located in the bottom cloth, mainly to play the role of anti-slip.

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Non woven fabrics have the characteristics of special fiber structure, high strength, water resistance, and good breathability. Therefore, non-woven fabrics also perform relatively well in terms of slip resistance.

Our company’s anti slip spunbond pp nonwoven fabric surface increases its friction coefficient and improves its anti slip performance through coating treatment, dot embossing treatment, and other methods. For material density, the higher the density of non-woven fabric, the better its anti slip performance. Therefore, in practical applications, customers can choose non-woven fabrics with different processing methods and material densities based on specific anti slip requirements and scene requirements.

Product Parameters

 Composition:  polypropylene
 Grammage range:  20 gsm – 50 gsm
 Width range:  10-160CM
 Color:  blue or customized
 MOQ:  1000kgs-3000kgs
 Feel hardness:  soft, medium
 Packing quantity:  according to customer requirements
 Packaging material:  PE winding film

Features of anti slip spunbond pp nonwoven fabric

Using pp spunbond pp nonwoven fabric as the backing and adding a non-slip layer by way of printing, with low cost, high output and high overall cost performance.

The polypropylene used in this printed spunbond non-woven fabric and the printing belong to the environmental class material, non-toxic, odorless, suitable for home and workplace.

Excellent raw material for shoe cover production, low cost, good anti-slip performance, very suitable for automation and high efficiency production of disposable shoe covers.

Application scope of anti slip spunbond pp nonwoven fabric

The anti slip performance of non-woven fabrics is usually applied in the fields of ground anti slip materials, furniture products such as vehicle seats, artificial leather, sanitary napkins, and medical supplies. For example, in car seats, non-woven fabric is widely used for anti slip to prevent passengers from sliding or sliding during driving; In sanitary napkins and medical products, non-woven fabrics are also used as inner layers to provide moisture absorption, breathability, and leak resistance.

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