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Breathable Kubu Felt Nonwoven Fabric

Our company provides various colors of Breathable Kubu Felt Nonwoven Fabric with different parameters and prices. All products need to be customized, including color, weight, thickness, width, etc., or actual samples can be provided for quotation.

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Kubu feeling nonwoven fabric is a type of high strength nonwoven fabric made of polypropylene needle-punched nonwoven fabric. Its construction involves a single, continuous step of high-temperature melting, spraying, lining, and winding polypropylene.

Specifications and Parameters:

 Composition:  Polypropylene
 Grammage range:  70-300gsm
 Width range:  100-320CM
 Color:  White, black
 MOQ:  1000kgs
 Handfeel:  Soft, medium, hard
 Packing quantity:  100M/R
 Packing material:  Woven bag

Kubu Felt Non Woven Fabric Features

Kubu is a kind of needle-punched nonwoven fabric, also known as dupont, ducat, etc.   Characteristics: extremely strong tensile strength, low elongation, aging resistance, environmentally friendly and degradable.

The products are glossy in color and light in weight. There are 70g to 300g, and the width size is 0.4~3.2m, all can be made. Colors are white, black, gray, curry, camel, etc., and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The product has a broad market prospect with stable quality. It is stable quality, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, colorful, recyclable, etc.


Kubu felt non-woven fabric has higher strength and strong tensile strength compared to ordinary non-woven fabric, which is mainly used for sofa spring package fabric, mattress spring package fabric, sofa base fabric, mattress base fabric, and home furnishing fabric, etc.

Kubu Felt Non-Woven Fabric Process

Approximate process flow of needle punching nonwoven production: staple fiber raw material – opening – cotton – carding – spreading – needling – pressing – winding – the packaging.

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