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Laminated Nonwoven Fabric

Laminated nonwoven fabric, also known as laminated spunbond nonwoven fabric, is created by covering spunbond nonwoven with a layer of plastic film. This film is typically heated to a high temperature and then chilled, providing excellent isolation. In order to separate viruses and bacteria and avoid infection, it is widely employed in the medical and health fields.

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Detailed Specifications Of Laminated Nonwoven Fabric:

 Composition:  polypropylene + polyethylene
 Grammage range:  20gsm -100gsm
 Width range:  15-220CM
 Color:  blue or customized
 MOQ:  2000kgs
 Handfeel:  standard
 Packing quantity:  according to the customer’s requirement
 Packaging material:  PE winding film

Benefits of Laminated Nonwoven Fabric:

The backing is made of laminated non-woven fabric and is well-insulated thanks to a layer of plastic film covering it.The Laminated Nonwoven Fabric has excellent waterproofing, liquid penetration prevention, virus and bacterial isolation, and infection prevention capabilities. It is also light and thin, soft to the touch, breathable, comfortable,antibacterial, insulating, waterproof, etc.Wide range of applications, low cost of manufacture, high production efficiency, and ease of cutting and usage.

Product Application:

Laminated nonwoven textiles are mostly utilized in the medical industry for purposes of isolation and liquid penetration avoidance. Examples of such products are surgical sheets, medical tents, isolation gowns, and surgical cavity wipes.It is often made into medical surgical gowns, surgical caps, masks, protective clothing, etc.

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