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RPET spunbond nonwoven fabric

RPET spunbond nonwoven fabric is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabric, whose yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and cola bottles, commonly known as cola bottle eco-friendly fabric (RPET fabric). This product is highly favored abroad, especially in developed countries in Europe and America, as it is a waste reuse product and widely used in various neighborhoods.

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RPET spunbond nonwoven fabric utilizes recycled environmentally friendly fiber raw materials from cola bottles, which are rolled into pieces and processed through drawing. It can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving nearly 80% of energy compared to conventional processes for producing polyester fibers.

Product Information

Material: 100% PET recycled material: (soda bottles, water bottles, and food cans)

Width: 10-320cm

Weight: 20-200gsm

Packaging: PE bag+woven bag

Color: Various colors can be customized

Features: Renewable, environmentally friendly, resistant to yellowing, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, breathable and waterproof, full hand feel, clear and beautiful lines

Product features

RPET is 100% recyclable, which means it can be reintroduced into the loop multiple times, reducing the need for resource extraction.

Using RPET can greatly reduce carbon emissions as it does not require the use of energy to extract and manufacture new plastic raw materials. The process of sorting, cleaning, and peeling PET after consumption to manufacture new PPE requires much less energy (75%) than manufacturing raw plastic. Capable of withstanding high temperatures (i.e. hot vehicles) without deformation, resistant to breakage, and with a smooth surface.

RPET has strong chemical properties that can prevent microbial and chemical leakage (which is why RPET is used in many cosmetic products). Therefore, RPET can be used for products with longer shelf life.

Our strengths

(1) RPET environmentally friendly yarn has been certified by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, the International GRS Global Recycling Standard (highly transparent, traceable, authoritative certification!), and the European Oeko Tex Standard 100 Ecological and Environmental Protection Certification, with higher international recognition.

(2) RPET fabric has been certified by GRS global recycling standards, with high transparency, traceability, and authoritative certification!

(3) We will provide a GRS fabric certificate and an eco-friendly hang tag to prove that the fabric is a recycled and environmentally friendly product.

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