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Antibacterial pp nonwoven fabric

Antibacterial pp nonwoven fabric have a very wide range of applications in medical care, such as masks, protective clothing, gloves, etc. The raw materials used are all non-woven fabrics. In addition to cotton fabric packaging, non-woven fabric packaging is commonly used in domestic disinfection supply centers. Compared to cotton fabric packaging, antibacterial pp nonwoven fabric have made significant progress in reducing cotton dust pollution.

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Medical non-woven fabric has the characteristics of breathability, waterproof, strong flexibility, non-toxic, and non irritating, and can be used for packaging sterilization with low-temperature plasma, pressure steam, ethylene oxide, and other materials.

High quality Antibacterial pp nonwoven fabric

Supply Ability:900 Ton / Month
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C
Min.Order Quantity:1000KG
Place of Origin:Dongguan,China
Usage:Medical field

What are the quality requirements for medical non-woven fabrics?

1. Non woven packaging materials should comply with the requirements of GB/T19663.1-2015 Packaging for Final Sterilized Medical Devices

Microbial barrier properties, water resistance, compatibility with human tissues, breathability, salt water resistance, surface absorption, toxicology experiments, maximum equivalent pore size, suspension, tensile strength, wet tensile strength, and burst resistance all comply with relevant national regulations and should be used once.

2. Storage environment requirements

The storage requirements of medical non-woven fabrics comply with the YY/T0698.2-2009 specification requirements.

The temperature in the inspection, packaging, and sterilization area should be between 20 ℃ -23 ℃, with a relative humidity of 30% -60%. Mechanical ventilation should be carried out 10 times within 1 hour. The cotton dressing packaging room should be separated from the equipment packaging room to avoid contamination of equipment and non-woven packaging materials by cotton dust.

Medical non-woven fabrics are different from ordinary non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabrics. Ordinary non-woven fabrics do not have antibacterial properties; Composite non-woven fabric has good waterproof effect but poor breathability, and is generally used for surgical gowns and bed sheets; Medical non-woven fabric is pressed using a process of spunbond, melt blown, and spunbond (SMS), which has the characteristics of antibacterial, hydrophobic, breathable, and lint free. It is used for final packaging of sterilized items and is disposable without the need for cleaning.

Antibacterial pp nonwoven fabric has a shelf life: The shelf life of medical non-woven fabric itself is generally 2-3 years, and the shelf life of products from different manufacturers may vary slightly. Please refer to the instructions for use. Sterile items packaged with medical non-woven fabric should have an expiration date of 180 days and are not affected by sterilization methods

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